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Zucchini and chocolate cake

I’ve been playing a lot with zucchini lately…you may have seen my other post (zucchini/coconut...

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Zucchini coconut loaf

Bread is a staple, it is something we’ve been programmed to love, a necessary part...

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Chocolate mousse…with an avocado twist

Chocolate…did I mention this was one of my favourite things? Maybe in this recipe post...

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Eat your way to health this Holiday season

The holiday season is again upon us and most of us are getting prepared for...

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How to QUIT coffee…and why I think you should!

Feeling fatigued? Can only really wake up with that morning coffee? Falling asleep in the...

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Vanilla extract

I love vanilla. And I love using it in almost all of my sweet recipes. When...

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