A big glorious full fat WELCOME to you my friend!

My name is Bianca, or Bee for short. I am a qualified secondary school English Language teacher and as of 2016, a Nutritionist who focuses strongly on the low carbohydrate, high (healthy) fat diet. I am also an all round health and well-being addict however my definitions of this have changed a lot over the years and I no longer sweat it out at the gym pumping weights, preferring the more grounding practice of yoga as well as other bodyweight/calisthenic-based activities.

I have been living a life of no sugar since July 2013 that, without a doubt, changed my world. Then, in Jan 2014, I discovered the low carb high fat diet (aka LCHF/Ketogenic/Banting) and finally gave myself permission to fall in love with amazing, nutritious and delicious food. I have continued this way of eating up until today. (You can read more about what LCHF is here).

My journey so far…

Throughout this whole time, I have been working towards healing an otherwise dysfunctional gut which lead to me suffering a whole host of other allergies and issues. I started with dietary changes, which then evolved to include gut healing bacteria – probiotics (via pills and foods such as sauerkraut, bone broth, gelatin etc) as well as colostrum (also for immune support). Therefore, I eat a diet that is without sugar and preservatives, is low in carbohydrates and mostly organic. I consume products that are from free range, grass-fed animals (meat, eggs, gelatin and butter) and are as minimally processed as possible, or not processed at all.

In 2014 I took this a step further and switched up the products that I use at home and on my body. I changed all hair and body products to be either organic but definitely toxin free (namely SLS, parabens, formaldehyde etc); make-up to be all natural and cleaning products to be earth-friendly and chemical free.

Another big decision was made in Feb 2014: I stopped taking the contraceptive pill! I had been taking it non-stop since I was 18 – since 1998 – that’s 16 years! Yep, I’m 34 and only just starting a regular cycle… (You can read more about my experience soon.)

As a result of all these changes, I have had to learn how to shop at the market and local butchers and now only visit the supermarket for things that are generally not edible (although they do have some great and affordable organic/grass-fed options now too). I have also had to learn how to cook for myself and use products I never knew existed like coconut flour and raw cacao.

This lifestyle has made my life incredible. I never knew I could feel so well again (while also shedding some unwanted weight) and I want to share my journey and my knowledge with you!

My light-bulb moment…

So like many, I was struggling with worsening health problems that caused me constant gastrointestinal discomfort, bloating, and all sorts of other nasty side-effects like a constant cough and increase in allergies/intolerances to both foods and other (pollens etc). Each year things progressively got worse, until the pain in my gut became debilitating and after unsuccessfully consulting medical experts, I decided to make dietary/lifestyle changes on my own knowing full well that medical procedures and medications were not going to help me achieve wellness in the long-term (read my full story here).

It was poor advice and a lack of knowledge that got me to this point…

I chose to read and read and read and educate myself about health and nutrition and ultimately guide myself to wellness with the assistance of my dad who was also struggling with his health. Through this research and desire to change my quality of life, I ignited a passion within. It only took me a short time to understand how much I had fallen for this lifestyle and how much I wanted to share what I had learnt with others. Ultimately, I felt the winds changing.

And then I fell in love and moved to Shanghai!

Now sadly although the relationship didn’t last, the move gave me the freedom I needed to let go of my fears and take control of my life…and that means pursuing a lifestyle and career that support and help others to take back control of their lives too by living a healthy, sugar-free (and if necessary) low carb lifestyle.

So, awesome rock star of a guest…

I am stoked that you have taken the time to read through my bio and I hope that something on my blog ignites your passion for your own wellness.

I am here to guide you through living a LCHF lifestyle, healing your gut naturally and reducing the toxins in your daily life. I will also share with you my eating and exercise tips to maintain a happy and healthy body, inside and out.

For those of you living in Shanghai, I will be writing about how to live this lifestyle whilst in this crazy new city and also while travelling.

So, let’s get our fat on and let the LCHF journey begin! Together we can be lean, mean fat burning machines (and have healthy hearts to boot)!

And of course, if you would like to work with me, I am available for consultations. Click here for more info.


Love (and healthy fats) Bee x

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