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Drink (more water) this New Year!

If I could recommend you do ONE thing for your health this new year, it...

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28 days of workouts

You sleep right, you eat right, your health is in pretty tip-top working order but...

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The “Pillars of Health” and how to achieve them

Health is about many things, it combines many factors. In my opinion, these include (in...

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Coconut, lemon and blueberry loaf

Coconut coconut coconut! (and lemon and blueberry loaf) It is an absolute passion of mine....

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The whole-food meal replacement: avocado smoothie

I don’t typically recommend that people drink their food. I also don’t recommend that people...

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The Fasting Experiment – what I learnt about food by not eating

So recently, I decided to forgo all food for a week of fasting: a fasting...

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