Bianca's Top 10 tips for a happy and healthy life

Bianca’s Top 10 tips for a happy and healthy life

Happiness… that magical unicorn that we all wish to possess…

Everyone has their definitions and parameters when it comes to how to be happy. We are all striving for that warm fuzzy feeling inside, that one that makes us feel permanently elated and even “high” on life.. but the reality of life is that feeling happy is just one of many emotions we will feel. It is not realistic, or possible to always be happy. I believe it’s important to acknowledge and accept the feelings that we have and know that in time, they will change, both happy and unhappy ones…but that neither are wrong, or bad and rather that they are just part of life’s journey. I mean how would we learn to be strong and resilient if we were always happy?

So, we are constantly ebbing and flowing through life as our situations change, our emotions change, our relationships change and so on. This is why I believe that the closest you can get to happiness starts from the inside out. If you are healthy on the inside, you will be at your optimal and this will enable you to get as close as you can to happiness that will radiate from your insides, out.

As you may be aware by now, I wholeheartedly believe in and promote LCHF and will continue to do so when I am a Nutritionist. But really what does it all come down to for me? What is it that I ultimately believe in for true health and wellbeing which will then enable you to be at your most able to reach happiness? Here are my Top 10 Tips for a healthy (and happy) lifestyle:


1. A healthy gut (and eating to promote and support this). You know it is said that your gut is your second brain. I think they’re not far off with that description. Your gut is full of bacteria and this bacteria needs to be in balance with your system. If it is out of balance, it controls you. Like a puppet master, your gut bacteria is pulling your strings, influencing how you feel mentally and emotionally, how your body looks physically and works in general too

2. LCHF living ‘Cause yes, it is a lifestyle, not a diet that you use to get healthy and then go back to old ways. LCHF will encourage and support your good bacteria to thrive which will make you healthier and happier, literally.

3. Eating whole (and SLOW) foods. Seasonal, Local, Organic Whole-foods or JERF (just eat real foods) is how you may know it. It’s hard to know what’s in season because we have everything so readily available but the best, most nutritious versions of this food will be available at certain times, so it’s a good idea to be aware of these.

4. Eating preservative/package free. Most products that can last more than a week on a shelf are unnatural (within reason, there are some things I buy from a can or jar but these will usually go bad within a week once opened or are preserved in salt or oil and will last longer).

5. Minimising sugar. Do I need to say more about this? There is far too much press out there now telling us how bad sugar is for us. This can include the perceived good sugars too like honey…think adding honey to your tea each day is a better choice? Think again.

6. Eliminating toxins as much as possible from your environment. This includes anything you put on your skin or can ingest/breathe in. These are often endocrine disruptors and impact greatly on our hormonal health and organs without us even realising. I’m talking perfume, to deodorant, to any face/body/skin and cleaning products. Are yours natural? Safe for family and pets?

7. Exercising… for happiness and a long life of functional mobility and body control, not for weight loss or to get ripped (although if you change all these things, you’ll likely get there but it shouldn’t be your ultimate goal).

8. Keeping mental wellbeing in check. I just clocked up 73 days of meditation IN A ROW! (Yes, go me! It’s officially a routine now that I feel incomplete without.) What else helps? Yoga, walking, nature, talking to friends, relaxing without stress, giving and receiving love, whatever that looks like to you.

9. Optimising hormonal heath. For ladies, this is your cycle as it really does rule all and we need to be attuned to this. Men, got man boobs? This may be estrogen dominance.

10. Offering yourself, and others, loving kindness (and surrounding yourself with people who do the same). This can be a hard one, when it comes to yourself. I know I have been working on this for a while now. I have actively been telling myself that I love my body (the thing that I have disliked the most for so long), especially my thighs (which I tell myself are strong and beautiful and I think it’s actually sinking in!) When it comes to others, it tends to be easier as we can see the beauty in those around us. Surrounding yourself with positive loving people is a must.

So there you have it, my top 10 tips to a healthy and happy lifestyle. As you can see, literally cutting the crap (food, toxins, people) will help you get well on your way to full health and happiness.


How many of these are you working on each day?? Are there any of these that you’d like to work more on? How could you start implementing even ONE of these practices? Comment below with your thoughts.


Love (and healthy fats) Bianca x

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