Choc berry brownies

Choc berry brownies

Everyone loves chocolate and everyone loves brownies so this is a recipe that everyone will love!

As a low carb lady, I love finding recipes that fit my lifestyle. People think that eating low carb with lots of healthy fats is hard, restrictive and boring. That you can’t have a treat or something delicious. That you have to say no to so much and that life is about balance so you are crazy saying no to everything sugary and carby…just have a little bit and you’ll be ok.

Well screw that, I say! It is entirely untrue for a majority of people, myself included. Moderation and balance in today’s world of food is pretty much bullshit (sorry to be so blunt).

What I love about this lifestyle is that it enables you. It enables you to take hold of your life as you know it and gain control. It enables you to learn about how to source and prepare top quality food. It enables you to learn about how what you are eating is good for you and your family. It enables you to look at health and wellbeing from a new perspective, with eyes wide open, showing you that the way people eat today is not helping their health. It enables you to take an interest in your body and its overall health and wellbeing (after all, that is how you found yourself searching for another lifestyle, is it not?). It enables you to discover that it’s not just about the food you put in your mouth but so much more. And finally, and most importantly, it enables you to thrive and be the best and most healthy version of yourself.

To be very clear, this is not a journey that I take lightly. I am proud to be helping others see how this lifestyle benefits each and every one who tries it and look forward to practicing as a full-time Nutritionist and advising of the benefits that I see low carb healthy fat bringing so many people whilst helping others to change. I also understand the need to adapt to the modern world we live in and the temptations that exist today that were not present in the Paleolithic era and so in adapting, we also have to make prevision for sweet treats (within reason, especially if you are insulin resistant (but that is a whole conversation I would have with the individual).

So this recipe, choc berry brownies, is inspired by the I Quit Sugar team who started me on this beautiful journey. They too have evolved but unlike me, have somewhat relaxed in their dietary habits and the recipes they provide (they still eat some grains for example) but this one recipe I love and have adapted to fit my no sugar, low carb healthy fat lifestyle…oh and it’s chocolatey…which is super special. Oh and it’s gluten-free… oh and it’s flourless…yep, no flour or meal whatsoever…can you believe it?!

Now check out this nutritional chart…love that we’re keeping it low carb and healthy fat while still eating sweets. Restrictive dieting…no way man!

Nutritional information
Makes 12 servings
Total carbs 5 grams
Fiber 1.6 grams
Net Carbs 3.4 grams
of which Sugar 2.3 grams
Protein 2.9 grams
Fat 14.4 grams
Energy 151 kcal




  • 100g dark choc – must be 85% or higher. (Have you found 99% yet? I love it…I even think it tastes sweet now!)
  • 3 organic/free range eggs
  • 1/4 cup raw cacao
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla powder
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1/4 – 1/2 cup natvia/stevia (you can add more if you prefer sweeter, especially if using 90 or 99% choc)
  • 1 cup organic blueberries (you can use frozen or fresh, just be aware that frozen contains more moisture/liquid)

You can, of course, sub the blueberries for another berry of choice, such as raspberries, blackberries or strawberries.



  1. Grease or line a brownie tin. Pre-heat oven to 180°C.
  2. On a low heat, slowly melt the coconut oil (or in the microwave – although I try to avoid using the microwave).
  3. Add chocolate and stir into the hot oil, melting the chocolate and mixing them together. (If it is summer where you live and your coconut oil is already liquid, you can still heat it up. Alternatively, you can just heat the chocolate in a double-boiler and then mix into the coconut oil).
  4. In another bowl, whisk the eggs and then mix in the cacao, vanilla powder, salt and stevia.
  5. Pour in the oil/choc mix to the eggs and stir together (make sure it’s not too hot, you don’t want to cook the eggs!).
  6. Add 3/4 of the blueberries (again, I usually like to heat them a little or let them defrost naturally) and stir in together.
  7. Pour into brownie tin and cook in the oven for 20-25 mins. Of course your oven may cook differently to mine so always test to see that the middle is firm to the touch. It’s a moist brownie so a toothpick in the centre may come out a little dirty.
  8. When done, serve with some heavy cream and enjoy!


I’d love to know what your favourite low carb healthy fat dessert is. Comment below 🙂


Love (and healthy fats) Bianca x

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