I welcome contributions, in fact, I would love them. Why? I’m here in a new city, Shanghai, and I’m trying to find my low carb, healthy fat way through all the noodles and dumplings. I’m trying to pave the way for other expats in Shanghai who also desire a life without processed foods, sugar, is low in carbohydrates and high in great fats. Can you help me in this journey too? Can you contribute some way?

If so, below are my guidelines:

I’m all about wellness and am here to help my audience find their wellness groove. This includes everything that makes you look and feel great, but with a particular focus on this great city and my new home, Shanghai! Some examples are:

  • Low carb, healthy fat recipes.
  • Stories about where to eat in Shanghai that caters to the LCHF lifestyle.
  • Tips on how to live a chemical-free life in a polluted city.
  • Where to buy or how to make products that are all natural, organic, free-range etc.
  • Places you can go in Shanghai to calm both mind and body.

So if you’ve written something you think fits into these categories, please approach me to discuss further.

Here are some further details for your information.

All articles should be written in 1st person and with an approachable and friendly tone and can include some quirky humour but nothing sarcastic, nasty or rude, let’s keep everything positive and happy. Articles should be no longer than 1000 words:

  •  Recipes: Include some info about the focus ingredient, why it’s low carb, high fat, tasty, good for you etc. (max. 2 paragraphs). Should also include the serving size, ingredients/measurements, clear directions on how to prepare, a photo (see photo guidelines here) and nutritional information that includes Total Carbs (g), Fiber (g), Net Carbs (g), Sugars (g), Protein (g), Fats (g) and Total Energy (kcal).
  • Review of Shanghai eateries: In your review include the location and name of the venue, what you ordered/ate and why it is a good choice for LCHF. If there is not a LCHF option but you can somehow adapt the menu to fit, detail how you have done this to make it work (it may just be that you asked for additional butter for your veggies etc) and if the staff had been accommodating in your requests. You can also mention the vibe of the place, its popularity and the types of people who frequent the venue/best times to go etc. A photo of the food and venue should also be included (see photo guidelines here).
  • Review of fitness (mind and body) locations: If reviewing a location, include details about the location, name of venue, cost, what you can do there and what healthy activity it will promote. Mention also the vibe, the staff, popularity and times of day to visit (timetable etc). Also include a photo of the venue and/or staff.
  • Tips on a chemical-free life: If writing a review of a product, make sure to include all the product details and where to buy, cost etc. Why did you choose this product, what is it for? What makes it natural and a chemical-free choice. Did you trial it for a specific amount of time or was it used only once? How did you find out about the product and your recommendations. Include a photo of the product again using the photo guidelines here. Alternatively, you can include a short three-minute video of your review with the above information included.
  • How tos: Can be a written piece or video. Step-by-step instructions that are clear and simple with language that is straight to the point. Video no longer than three minutes. If writing the piece, you can include photos that show the steps.

What else should you do?

  • Give it your personal flavour.
  • Speak from the heart and use your voice.
  • Be honest.
  • Think about the audience of The Fat Experiment and be appealing to this group.
  • Source any health claims with studies you’ve referred to (include the link). Studies should be peer-reviewed journals that are robust, reliable and recent.
  • Include photos (see guidelines here)
  • Include an eye-catching title
  • Write an intriguing first paragraph to make readers want to continuing reading your piece but also get to the point so readers have clear direction about your piece.

What shouldn’t you do?

  • Use hyperlinks. Please includes sources in brackets like this: [http://www.facebook.com/thefatexperiment]
  • Be trying to plug a product or include gimmicky products or language. This is genuine advice and help for expats of Shanghai who want to maintain their health or find new health in this city, not sell them your product.

If you would like to get in touch, please email me at [email protected]

Include the following details about yourself:

  • Your bio, including headshot photo.
  • Your post. This can be in the body of an email or via a word doc.
  • Images. Send as image files, not in word doc. Again, please see guidelines.


As part of submission, please also accept that your piece may be edited before submitted.

Some basic photo info:

All Photos:

  • Should be at least 850 pixels wide by 400 pixels tall (bigger in either direction, or both, is fine).
  • Should be original, taken by you.
  • Should be of a high quality.
  • Videos no longer than 3 minutes

Food photos:

  • Better in landscape (rather than portrait).
  • Taken in the daytime, with natural light.
  • Light, neutral backgrounds preferred.
  • Simple, minimal props, not cluttered.
  • Not too close-up.
  • Focus on whole-foods so the photo should demonstrate this, food in all its beauty.
  • Please see my photography guidelines document for more information and examples.


Hope to hear from you soon

Love (and healthy fats) Bianca x

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