So where does one go to eat and drink in Shanghai? Where does one shop? What about personal products that you love? Can you live a Western lifestyle in an Eastern country? Of course you can!

These are all the questions I had when I first moved here…which was in July of 2015. On this page, I am going to share ways to continue living your life here in the beautiful and unique city of Shanghai. I am going to share the places I discover that enable me to live a low carb healthy fat lifestyle; keep my stress levels down, continue my exercise regime, sleep well and live as chemical free and as low toxin as possible… so basically I am going to share with you how to live a healthy life here in Shanghai, this huge, busy, noisy, stressful, expensive and polluted city.

Join me on this journey of discovery, get healthy, eat delicious food that is good for you. Take control of your life and thrive with the low carb healthy fat lifestyle. It’s not as hard as you think :).


Click below for the following info in Shanghai:

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