What does “relax” mean to you?


“Relax” to me, is doing something, an activity or practice, to take the tension and stress away.

It’s about finding something that you love to do that gives you a sense of calm, allows you to slow down your breathing, slow down your thinking, reconnect with yourself and your surroundings and allows you to reflect, giving purpose and meaning to your life.

Many of us don’t do this ever. Some of us do this sometimes. Most of us don’t do this enough.

This page is dedicated to those who live in Shanghai, to help them find ways to reconnect with themselves and their world in this big, noisy city.

However, there’s no doubt that there are people living in different (big) cities who can find these resources in their own cities and learn to “relax” too.


So let’s get started with a list on ways one can “Relax” in Shanghai…


Floatasian – your zero-gravity floatation therapy

“Floatasian is a luxurious, Swedish floatation spa in Shanghai that provides a unique gravity-free experience. Designed for city dwellers who are looking for increased well-being, Floatasian offers the ultimate form of relaxation and comfort for both body and mind.”

Here is an article I wrote giving you a run-down of what a session at Floatasian is like.

Scan their wechat code to follow them.




Meditation (this one’s for everyone)

Have you tried to meditate before? I tried meditating for the first time several years ago. I was referred to a book called “Mindfulness in Plain English” by Henepola Gunaratana¬†that really opened my eyes to the wonders (and benefits) of meditation.

I loved the book because of its practical instruction, however, a new meditator needs some guidance as it really can be tough trying to meditate on your own as you sit there and get frustrated and don’t know what to do when thoughts, feelings and sensations are distracting you. You need a mentor.

However good mentors can be hard to find, so from there, I sought solutions in the form of mobile apps and found a great one. The name of the app I use now is called “Calm.” It is a paid app but I chose Calm because the price was very reasonable for what you get(I did my research and compared a bunch of options) and they update their programs and add new features all the time. What I love about Calm is that they have little challenges that keep you coming back for more. I started with the 7 day challenge and then progressed to the 30 day challenge. The app also tracks your meditation progress and it tells you how many days you have been meditating for and so on…as of today, I’m on a 101 day streak! (That even shocked me, it’s my all time record!)

Now that doesn’t mean I’m a guru of meditation or that I don’t suffer from stress or other personal issues but meditation makes life just that little bit easier and my reactions to problems, ability to cope with life, the way I talk to people and think about things have all changed/shifted. The insight from Tamara Levitt (not to mention her soothing voice) helps me take a step back and think about life from another perspective.

I believe the app is free to try (you can do the 7 day challenge to start) and then if you like it, you can sign up for the additional programs.

Oh and I am not being paid for any of this…

Calm app Calm app2




In Shanghai

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