Keto travels part 4 - South of France

Keto travels part 4 – South of France

So I’m bypassing the story of a lovely, lovely time had with friends in the South of France, Lagnes to be exact (Avignon is the closest city). I could write all about how divine it was to be there and how special it was to meet my very good friend after what seems like a lifetime of travel and living overseas; and how lovely it was to get to hang out with her for 5 days travelling with crazy singing GPS lady who took us down the weirdest of small dirt roads rather than highways; or I could tell you about all the local organic wine we drank (nothing compared to our 20s, that’s for sure); or how we walked around the most beautiful, picturesque towns by a river that was too cold to swim in despite being nearly 40°C; or how we ate the most delicious and nutritious local low carb high fat food; or how we would get up after the sun had come up and lay by the pool, sometimes for the whole day….

I could…but I won’t, I’ll leave it there and show you a few pics instead. (Sorry for the mobile phone quality!)

Here is my time in Lagnes/Avignon – South of France

Next on the list is Monaco…here is a little piece of my time there… just so you know, I stayed keto because it’s so easy to do so anywhere, but especially in Europe (as you can see in the photos).

I hope you enjoy my observations below…

MONACO, MONTE CARLO – A wealthy and beautiful seaside city, that is soooo surreal to visit…

Well well, what a great little city Monaco is. It should be no surprise really but I had honestly rarely considered the South of France as a holiday destination. I’m not sure why as now I’ve been once, I will most definitely go back again. It is stunning.

As I was travelling around alone, I was continually struck by how awesome things were, what a beautiful place it was, and how different life could be growing up and living in a place such as Monaco (I have a friend who grew up here so I was trying to relate to what she experienced every day).

Some random thoughts continued to pop up for me so I decided to document them and post them. So here, below, are my comments on Monaco:

Monaco is:

  • Stunning. The magnetism is evident, I can see why one would want to live here or holiday here on a regular basis.
  • Full of beauty: everywhere.
  • Ridiculously clean…like probably the cleanest place I’ve ever seen…yet I did see a woman throw her cigarette on the road before entering Prada. I’m guessing someone’s on that pretty quick smart, that you would not likely see that butt there the next day.
  • Very wealthy: the place to be seen if you have money…and a boat.
  • Not as snobby as I thought, I feel like people turn their nose up at me more in boutique stores in Melbourne!
  • A place where you go with your lover? Everyone thought that my second party was coming…does no one go to Monaco alone?!
  • A place where pedestrians come first. Seriously. Cars would come to a screeching stop for you to cross the road. A ridiculous idea. (FYI – don’t try that in China)
  • A place where the second language is Italian, not English. (I loved this and as a result, started switching which is so weird for me as English is usually the go-to language when one doesn’t speak the native tongue).
  • A place to go if you love boats. They are amazing.
  • A place where men wear polo shirts a lot (usually with what looks like their company name/logo on it).
  • A place where the sun shines endlessly (in the summer…or am I just lucky…although I suspect this is a south of Europe thing).
  • A place where the sea sparkles like diamonds…actually there are probably real diamonds in it that make it sparkle!!
  • Full of dogs but no dog shit…like anywhere.
  • A place where dogs also have right of way. They are allowed everywhere…inside shopping centers, supermarkets, shopping in Zara, it’s just fine.
  • A place where women dress waaaayyyy better than the men…oh wait…that’s probably everywhere…but it’s just really noticeable here. And don’t get me wrong, the guys dress well, just not as fancy.
  • A place where you need to dress up…I didn’t dress up enough for the casino experience…how does one wear pants in this heat?!
  • A place where the water sparkles and the beaches looks like they’ve had a manicure (even though the beaches are stones, not sand – Australia still has some of the best in this regard).
  • A place where people actually wear stripes…and the French colours of red, white and blue.
  • A place where tourists can be seen a mile away…myself included…not just because of the map or constant taking of photos…it’s a dress sense thing; the French dress immaculately.
  • A place where even the bad coffee is good.
  • A place where money can disappear very quickly.
  • A place where you can still find Aussies everywhere…they’re just the less rowdy ones.
  • A place where you can still find the Chinese everywhere…they are just in smaller groups but still groups nonetheless…and they are all still scared of the sun.
  • A place where the “healthy and lean” options are still the ones that I believe are not the ones that keep you healthy and lean…ha ha…like fruit and toast and low-fat yoghurt and muesli.
  • That said, it is a place where women have very little body fat and very, very tanned skin without yet looking leathery.
  • A place where It’s really hard to take photos of buildings because they are soooo big and you cannot back up enough to capture the full thing.
  • A place to where I wish I’d brought my selfie stick.
  • A place where I have seen plenty of expensive vehicles. (As I write this, I am stopped in the shade and in front of me is a Maserati, a Porsche and a Mercedes. I’m sure the fourth empty spot will have a Ferrari or a Bentley in it soon.
  • Oh wait…a place where I saw a Toyota…OMG!
  • A place where they have the smallest cars ever…like smaller than Smart cars!
  • Full of colourful, breath-taking gardens…and gorgeous flowers, like everywhere!
  • Where babies advertise jewelry…see my pic.
  • Where wi-fi access is poor…but that may just be a Europe thing but seriously Monaco, you should catch up. How dare you try to charge me for your free wi-fi access?!
  • A place where….the boy will love this one…onesies are everywhere! (he can’t stand onesies!)
  • A place where fashion is revived?? Strap-less tops/boob tubes are back??!
  • A classy place…with a surprisingly high amount of diamantes! (Ew!)
  • A place where if a fire were to occur at the docks, billions could be lost…
  • A place where most people love the opportunity to pull a celebrity pose when on the red carpet/photo spot in the casino.
  • A place where there are these weird tour groups for the rich?? Either way, these people are dressed to the nines (in this heat – I couldn’t do it!)
  • A place where the sun does always shine and I’m sometimes happy for it to not…I’ve had A LOT of sun these past few weeks but walking up the hills here, I am happy when the sun goes behind a cloud…
  • A place where anything can be made “cool” here. I’m watching a DJs play at a fancy ice cream booth!
  • A place where you are supposed to cross at the pedestrian crossings…I was the only one breaking the law here!
  • A place where the seagulls are huge. If I were a bird, MC might just be the place I decide to live.
  • A place where the artwork is lovely. A little random but often quite romantic-looking. Often made of bronze…
  • A place where the fashion can be intimidating…where are the normal – read affordable – fashion stores?! I’m thinking of a famous monologue from ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ right now… do you know the one?!
  • The place where I decided that Dior is my favorite brand of sunglasses.
  • A place where they have the most grindable handrails ever…but you can’t skateboard!!
  • A place that is surprisingly easy to navigate (for all the hills and windy roads).
  • A place that feels almost as crowded with high rises as Shanghai.
  • A place that feels really safe but there is a little too much wolf whistling for my liking…
  • A place that, given the size, it seems like there’s a pretty good art scene: theatre, comedy, music etc.
  • A place that given the opportunity, I will happily return to.



So yes, I liked a few things about Monaco as it seems to be a pretty lovely place. I’m not going to comment any on the food just see my pics below but I guess I was just overwhelmed by it all that I felt the need to write down my observations. Hope you enjoy!

Have you been to Monaco? How did you feel? What were your observations? Were they different to mine or similar? Did you love it as much as me? Comment below.



Love (and healthy fats) Bianca x

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  1. Anita October 16, 2016 at 12:53 am #

    I have been to Monaco and I agree with you about your observations. Every morning the roads were washed. I found that fascinating.

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