The Fat Experiment is all about living a life where fat is the largest part of my diet (80%) with my health and well-being in mind… so, eating fat to be healthy.

You’re like WTF?!

This is an experiment because I’m trying something relatively new for both me but also society…something that up until recently, not many people had heard about…something that people today still balk at and say “You’re doing what?!  You know that can kill you right…and you’ll get fat!”

But when you study and listen enough, when you open your mind and allow yourself to hear a different tune, you might just discover that what we’ve been doing and encouraged to do for so long (high carb, low fat) or some may even say have been manipulated to do for so long… IS SO WRONG! The dietary advice that has been given to us (high carb, low fat), works for maybe 10% of the population. For the rest of us, it is a potential death sentence.

This is an experiment because I don’t always know what will really happen to me and my body. I know what the literature and experts tell me but I want to feel it and experience it for myself. I want to personally ride the journey and see what happens to my weight, my hormones, my moods, my hunger, my skin, my poo, my everything… I want to be the experiment and subsequently, the scientist.

...And this experiment lasts a lifetime because we are super multi-cellular organisms that need constant care and support. Once you’re healed from something, doesn’t mean that you can go back to your old ways and expect that problem not to return.

My experiment is also my lifestyle.

So who am I? I’m a 34 year old woman; I’m a Melbournian (that’s an Australian from Melbourne) living in Shanghai, China; I’m a teacher of language, a Nutritionist and writer; I’m a lover of cats; I’m a lover of exercise; I’m a lover of life.

I’m passionate about health in ALL aspects (from our use of chemicals, to diet to gut to exercise to stress reduction to sleep…I believe it’s all connected) and now, I’m my own LCHF guinea pig. And that is why I’ve created The Fat Experiment.

As part of this experiment, I will be sharing my experiences of ketosis (what this is, means, how to get into it, measure it etc); sharing recipes and sharing things that will impact overall health and well-being. As I live in Shanghai, there will also be a specific focus here for those followers and just a general guide to living LCHF in Asia, where the Western influence is now changing health for the worst.

If you would like to follow me on this journey (I’m doing this forever, it’s a lifestyle) and be a part of the LCHF/keto team that I hope grows with me, we can discover the joys, and challenges, together.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and learning with me.


Love (and healthy fats) Bee x

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