Red velvet cupcakes

Red velvet cupcakes

Red velvet cupcakes are not usually packed full of good stuff such as vegetables.

We hear all the time the importance of eating a variety of different coloured veggies so we get a variety of different nutrients that each colour brings. Each veggie or fruit has its own nutritional profile but here’s an idea about what each colour brings to your diet.

Keto encourages the above-ground green veggies like kale, bok choy, broccoli and spinach to name a few . The nutrition you get from green veggies includes:

  • fiber
  • folate
  • vitamin C
  • beta-carotene (vitamin A)
  • vitamin K
  • calcium
  • manganese
  • magnesium
  • lutein
  • zeaxanthin
  • chlorophyll

Some of the orange and yellow fruits and veggies are on the keto list too but some will pop people out of keto if they have a higher sugar content or the person is sensitive to them. Vitamins and antioxidants (flavonoids) are largely what you gain from these fruits and veggies, such as:

  • zeaxanthin
  • flavonoids
  • vitamin B6
  • potassium
  • vitamin C
  • beta-carotene

One colour I often don’t see on people’s plates, mine included, is red/purple/blue. I like purple cabbage and I love radicchio, a bitter type of lettuce, but I have to consciously choose and remember to add these to my plate.

Red fruits and veggies are great for nutrition too, particularly vitamins and antioxidants. These too can be sweeter and bump people out of keto but there’s lots of good stuff you gain too, such as:

  • fiber
  • lycopene
  • ellagic acid (red berries)
  • flavonoids quercetin and hesperidin
  • vitamin A
  • vitamin C

More specifically, beets contain phytonutrients (called betalains), vitamin C, fiber, potassium, manganese, the B vitamin folate, and magnesium [1. Mercola] [2. Dr. Axe]

These provide anti-inflammatory properties, support heart health, reduce blood pressure and are known for their detoxification properties. They also contain nitrates which provide energy and improves muscle repair.

You can also eat the beet greens for additional nutrition.

So we should remember that we can stray from our green veggies on occasion and enjoy the myriad of fruits and veggies that the universe provides us with… and seeing these cupcakes provide us with beetroot, then we can officially count this in our veggie intake… can’t we?! I think we can!!

And following suit to my previous posts, beets are a summer veggie, currently in season in the Northern Hemisphere (sorry Southern Hemisphere peeps).

But Bianca, beets aren’t exactly keto, are they?

Well not exactly. They are higher in sugar, that’s for sure, and we keto peeps do avoid sugar where possible. But a third of the carbs do come from fibre but we’re not going to consume the whole beet with this recipe anyway.

In addition to this, if we’re going to have a little extra carbs, summer is the time to do it. Why?

Well, we have more access to sun which gives us additional energy and ability to metabolise carbs and we are often more active in summer, getting to the gym more, going for more (and longer walks), riding our bikes more, playing sports, and so on. So, we process the carbs better.

As briefly mentioned above, these sweet treats are not really all that high in carbs. The majority of the carbs are all fibre and the rest, a mere 1.5g, are sugars – which are naturally found in the beets (not added).

If you are new to keto and trying to get your numbers up and switch on your fat burning mode, maybe this cupcake will bump you out if you are particularly insulin resistant but for most people, these should be absolutely fine to make and eat as a sweet treat on occasion.

As you can see from the title, this is a spin on an old classic, the red velvet cupcake.

The “red” part in the classic version is usually created by red food dye (here’s a site to show you what they usually contain – so much bad stuff). I’m not going to explain why food dye is no good for you but here’s a link that will.

To summarise though, red food dye has been associated with hyperactive behaviour leading to ADHD in kids. They are also a possible carcinogen so why add that into your diet artificially when you can do it naturally?! But I think if you’re here reading my blog, you probably already know the dangers of food colouring and have eliminated them from your life.

The beets also add a kick ass flavour that I love.

So make this healthy version for yourself and your family, your kids won’t even notice that they’re eating veggies in their yummy cupcakes! Also, they are moist and seriously yummy (but can be frozen to eat later if you don’t trust yourself to stop at one).

Oh and I love to make a little buttercream frosting for the top as it makes them extra special!!

Please comment below if you try these and love them.



With love (and healthy fats), Bianca x

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