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The "Pillars of Health" and how to achieve them

The “Pillars of Health” and how to achieve them

Health is about many things, it combines many factors. In my opinion, these include (in no particular order of importance): Nutrition (what you fuel/hydrate your body with) Exercise (what you exert and how you move, keeping your muscles and bones strong, supple and flexible) Stress (how you manage your emotions and moods) Sleep (the time […]

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Float your worries away at Floatasian

Float your worries away at Floatasian

While perusing the internet, specifically some expat sites, I stumbled upon an ad for what looked like the most exotic and out of this world experience.  The question “Ever floated in space?” flashed before my eyes, followed by “relax, reflect, revitalise.” Coupled with the images of space and the soothing blue tones, the idea of […]

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