A couple of times a year, I will run a No Sugar and Up Your Healthy Fats Challenge!


Because too many people are addicted to sugar and need help getting off the sweet stuff. In addition to this, when you cut the sugar, it is best to replace it with healthy fats to keep you satiated and fuller for longer, so you’re not constantly wanting to reach for that candy bar or soda.

Take a look at this flyer for more info and no, you don’t have to be in Shanghai but you do need to have wechat.

No sugar healthy fat challenge

Cost: 100 RMB

Dates will be announced.

Wechat ID: BiancaFontana

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Seeking more from your diet? I can show you how with the low carb healthy fat lifestyle.

  • Take control of your life!
  • Feel amazing!
  • Thrive!

All you've gotta do is sign up here...