Zoodles. The perfect pasta alternative.

Zoodles. The perfect pasta alternative.

My bolognese sauce is a knock-out for the taste buds, that’s for sure but what when you’re low carb and gluten-free, what do you use as a pasta alternative??

Zucchini noodles. Or zoodles. (Because zucchini – zucchini + fettucine doesn’t really work).

So…zoodles take all of two minutes to create and can be eaten raw or cooked. I prefer to heat them up or use the sauce to do the cooking but you can follow these simple instructions…

Firstly, you need one of the following utensils…

  • A handheld spiraliser (like this one here)
  • Or a super fancy spiralizer (like this one here)
  • Or A julienne peeler (probably my favourite option)

Although there have been times where I was caught out with none of these options and I used a good-old regular peeler. It made it nice and thick like fettuccine and was still equally delicious.



  • 1-2 zucchinis


  1. Grate 1-2 zucchinis (I usually go one small zucchini per person) any way you like.
  2. Put it in a bowl and microwave for 2 minutes…OR…heat in a saucepan with some butter…OR…use the sauce if super hot and let it steam with a lid over the plate.
  3. Add the sauce and enjoy! You can top with some cheese if you prefer but if intolerant to dairy, or struggling to keto adapt, go without. Oh and don’t forget the flaxbread to mop up all the delicious juices from the sauce!


Please comment or share any ideas or recommendations.

Love (and healthy fats) Bianca x

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